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A picture's worth a thousand words

By Chelsea.

It's our last week of work here at DigitalNZ headquarters, and we're busy tying up loose ends and eating way too much chocolate.  We thought we'd make our last blogpost of 2011 a fun romp through some of the team's favourite images in DigitalNZ. 

Woman modelling Daphne lingerie


Woman modelling Daphne lingerie. K E Niven and Co :Commercial negatives. Ref: 1/2-211738-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. http://beta.natlib.govt.nz/records/22872947

Right now, this...

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DigitalNZ's Mighty Big 2011

By fiona.

2011 has been a mighty big year for Team DigitalNZ.

One of the biggest achievements, (though hidden to most) was a complete overhaul of our technical infrastructure to improve performance and set DigitalNZ up for major growth. This was a very big and important job and that fact that you probably haven't noticed it is a very good thing.

Photographs for a brochure, Working model of computer controlled factory, University of Auckland Library

Photographs for a brochure, Working model of computer controlled factory,  1980, University of Auckland Library, CC BY ND SA

Being a non-techie I...

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Slow food, small data

By chris mcdowall.

I recently spoke at the New Zealand National Digital Forum (view on Slideshare). This blog post covers some of the things I discussed.

In August, Max Ogden, an American developer and open web advocate, tweeted this: "I would love for 'small data' to be the 'slow food' of the internet".

Slow Food Tweet Crop

At the time I thought, "Right on. That’s a really interesting idea." Then I did what most of us do on Twitter when we see something poignant. I re-tweeted it, I even favourited it… and then I forgot all about...

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combo sky and aerials

By natlib.
I have Sky digital with a built in freeview TV so I pick up and sky and Freeview on our main tv. We also have two TVs in other locations through the house which are connected solely to tv aerial. How do I integrate the other TVs into my existing sky satillite dish to pick up Freeview or do I get a seperate freeview box for my other TV system.

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