King, Marcus, 1891-1983 :Sheep droving in New Zealand. [1950s]. - Alexander Turnbull Library

King, Marcus, 1891-1983 :Sheep droving in New Zealand. [1950s].


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Alexander Turnbull Library

By: King, Marcus, 1891-1983

Date: 1950 - 1959

Description: Shows drover on horseback at right foreground, with sheepdog in left foreground and sheep in middle distance. In distance is a high country valley, pylons and snowy peaks. Previously thought to be dated in the 1930s; revised owing to information in "Selling the dream; the art of early New Zealand tourism" eds Peter Alsop, Gary Stewart, Dave Bamford (2012), where it is shown on page 368, with date given on page 402. Other Titles - Poster Inscriptions: Recto - bottom right: MARCUS KING Quantity: 1 colour art print(s). Physical Description: Relief print, coloured 765 x 510 mm.

Usage: Unknown?

Category: Images

Subject: New Zealand. Tourism Department, Mountains, Sheep, Sheep runs, Sheep dogs, Tourism, Electric lines, Poles and towers, Horses, Farmers, Southern Alps