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Description: John Clarke was one of New Zealand’s best-loved comic performers. His 1970s farming character Fred Dagg became an icon of Kiwi comedy. Clarke worked as a comedian, actor, writer and director. His satirical television series The Games was an Australian Film Institute award-winner. Although based in Australia since 1977, he lent his unmistakeable comic voice to Kiwi TV comedies bro’Town and Radiradirah. In a departure from our usual ScreenTalk format, this extended audio interview was produced and recorded by Andrew Johnstone and Richard Swainson with the assistance of Hamilton Community Radio and The Film School. In this wide-ranging ScreenTalk, Clarke talks about: Comedy His parents Early influences, from Peter Cook to racehorse commentator Peter Kelly  His love of cartoonists David Low and Nicholas Garland Realising there was a hunger for Kiwi comedy, while on stage in the early 70s   A short gig as film assessor at the NZ Broadcasting Corporation Learning from Australian comedian ...

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