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Reconstruction of the Signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, Marcus King



Te Ara Flickr Pool, Ministry for Culture and Heritage

By: Archives New Zealand

Date: 2014-12-12

Description: At 9.30 am on 6 February, missionaries set out from Paihia to Waitangi. There they found some 300 to 400 Māori “scattered in small parties according to their tribes” – a smaller gathering than the day before, but still a fair number. However there was no sign of William Hobson. At noon, two staff from the HMS Herald arrived, and were surprised that everyone onshore was waiting for him. Hobson was quickly fetched from the ship, and other than his hat, rushed over dressed in civilian clothes rather than his naval uniform of the previous day. The party then proceeded to the tent. The table at which the chiefs would sign te Tiriti was arranged, and Hobson stood and announced, “I can only receive signatures this day. I cannot allow of any discussion, this not being a regular public meeting.” Williams then read te Tiriti aloud from the new parchment copy made by Richard Taylor (the Waitangi Sheet). Catholic Bishop Jean Baptiste Pompallier then asked Hobson if some guarantee could be g...

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