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Auckland War Memorial Museum Tamaki Paenga Hira

Date: Late 19th Century

Description: music box, six tunes, crank wound, wood case with inlaid decoration on front and lid, hinged lid with second glass lid showing interior, fretwork on one side of glass lid with red satin underneath, two brass levers on right of glass lid 1 music box maker unknown, Geneva, Switzerland, later 19th century wood, metal, glass, 222 x 507 x 257 mm labelled repertoire ‘FABRIQUE DE GENEVE / (illegible) / 1 Pardon de Ploermel dow pelise MEYEBBEER (sic)/ 2 The Rising Sun Vasle GLUCK / Rigaletto Cache a rous VERDI / The Last Rose of Summer / Hugenots Choral de Luther MEYEBBER (sic)/ Il Trovatore (illegible) VERDI / Volente compense 6934 Volente compense / ETOUFFIERS EN ACIER / SOIT A SPIRAUX’ 1998.60.252 Castle 385 This crank-wound cylindrical music box plays six tunes, the titles of which are written on the label inside the lid.

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Subject: Box, Music, Instrument, Mechanical, Musical Instruments, Musical T&e, 06 Tools & Equipment For Communication, Chenhall Nomenclature, 122.2 With Cut-out Lamellae, 122 In The Form Of A Comb, 12 Plucked Idiophones, 1 Idiophones, Hornbostel-sachs