Advisory Board

Advisory Board terms of reference

1. Purpose

The Advisory Board will guide the strategic direction of DigitalNZ, and provide specialist advice to support service delivery. It will:

  • Guide strategic thinking and decision-making activity
  • Inform work programme priorities
  • Encourage DigitalNZ to stretch and maximise its potential

2. Mission

The Advisory Board will assist DigitalNZ in achieving its mission to:
Progressively enable New Zealanders to connect with, access, create and use content that reflects their rich histories, stories, cultures, knowledge and environments. This will be demonstrated through:

  • All NZ digital content being discoverable online
  • More reusable NZ digital content
  • Innovative new digital content experiences being created

3. Scope

The broad scope of the work programme will allow DigitalNZ to innovate and follow those opportunities that help achieve its mission. Through the quarterly planning process, the Advisory Board will have the opportunity to narrow the focus on particular areas of strategic priority.

3.1. Role

The Advisory Board will:

  • Advise on the strategic direction and expected outcomes
  • Review the output and outcome evaluations
  • Provide feedback on proposed work programme
  • Use specialist knowledge or relationships to help DigitalNZ implement its work programme
  • Suggest new opportunities or approaches for how DigitalNZ can fulfil its mission
  • Consider the broad needs of DigitalNZ customers and partners, not the sole interests of an organisation
  • Help DigitalNZ maintain alignment and linkages with other relevant initiatives

3.2 Exclusions

The Advisory Board has neither legal responsibility nor decision making power for DigitalNZ.

3.3 Managing Conflicts of Interest

When a conflict of interest exists for a board member, that member must declare the nature of the conflict or the potential conflict. The Chair will use discretion to determine how the conflict should be managed. Where appropriate the conflict will be recorded on the Conflict of Interest Register.

4. Composition and Form

4.1. Advisory Board

The board is made up of individual members on the basis of the expertise and relationships they can contribute to the DigitalNZ mission. With the exception of the chair, members are not selected as representatives of their organisations. The chair will be the National Librarian.

The current board members are: 

Bill Macnaught (National Library of New Zealand)
Keitha Booth (Government Data and Information Re-use Programme)
Brian Flaherty (University of Auckland)
Mark Horgan (Department of Internal Affairs)
Adrian Kingston (Te Papa Tongarewa)
Glen Barnes (My Tours and Company Box)

The Group will meet at least four times a year, and will convene extra meetings as required. No deputies will be accepted at meetings.

4.2. DigitalNZ Team

The DigitalNZ team comprises dedicated National Library staff who are assigned to work on the site.

The Advisory Board would normally interact with the team through the Head of DigitalNZ, however team members may attend occasional board meetings depending on need.

5. Review

These terms of reference will be reviewed at least every 12 months.

*Amendments to Terms of Reference

- Clause 3.2 was added to this document 23 January 2015
- Clause 3.3 was added to this document in December 2016