Each year DigitalNZ works with its Advisory Board to confirm a work plan and set of priorities for the upcoming year. Our priorities are then distributed across the year into four quarterly plans we call "waves" of work. We map our work plan to six solution areas:

A. DigitalNZ Online: Delivering great ways to search, connect, and collect NZ content through our web and mobile services

B. Data Services: Enabling applications to interact with aggregated metadata through API and data sharing services

C. Content Sharing: More accessible NZ digital content

D. Content Creation: Supporting the creation and reuse of NZ digital content and data

E. Developer Support: Providing technical advice and resources to support digital access initiatives

F. Service Strategy & Support: Activities to support the running of the DigitalNZ team

2019 work plan

Check back soon for our work plan for 2019.

2019 began with Wave 39, and as the year progresses we will update this document with our progress.

Green indicates that the work was completed, orange means it was partially completed, red means something didn't progress far and N/A means we have had to de-prioritise the work.

Previous yearly work plans

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