2010 DigitalNZ Roadmap

Since launching DigitalNZ at the end of 2008 we've been operating in 12-week cycles... we'd take several weeks to plan a cycle, complete a 12-week burst of activity, and then plan the next one. It's enabled us to be really responsive, but of late we've felt the need to look further ahead as well. So we're pleased to share with you our roadmap for 2010 (PDF), a four-page outline of what we hope to deliver for the year. We should point out that this is just a guide, it's not fixed, and we will be reviewing it constantly to make sure it stays relevant.

What's guiding our activities this year?

Several things were identified as having a big impact on the direction of DigitalNZ over the year, and it was determined that the follow four points should guide our activity:

  1. Prioritise content for inclusion in DigitalNZ
  2. Emphasise distributed tools over a centralised portal
  3. Balance maintenance with new service development
  4. Maintain the status quo of the Digitisation Advisory Service

Planned activities

With these points in mind, we set out to determine what we'd actually be working on... and here's the summary: 

  1. Maintain Make it Digital Guides
  2. 10k digitisation grants
  3. Develop Collaborative Digitisation Framework (based on Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives project) to assist future digitisation projects 
  4. Maintain existing content harvesting and hosted search services
  5. Inclusion of all Papers Past digital newspapers
  6. Inclusion of research outputs and government publications
  7. Inclusion of significant archives or subscription services where digital content is difficult to find
  8. Investigate including significant catalogue and database records for content that is not yet digital
  9. Reconfigure search algorithm and interface to support content scaling
  10. Release open source package and investigate community management options
  11. Reduce number of items with unknown copyright status
  12. Implement user generated metadata services
  13. Investigate new methods of metadata generation
  14. Raise awareness of the Shared Repository solution amongst Crown Research Institutes and other Government Agencies
  15. Investigate developing shared national workflow to support digitisation on demand services
  16. Scale infrastructure to support increased API usage and content growth
  17. Review metadata licensing arrangements and formats to encourage usage (caching, storing, commercial use options)
  18. API and usage reporting dashboard
  19. 48 hour Hackathon competition for end user applications
  20. Marketing to focus on distributed tools, APIs, and data reuse
  21. Confirm staffing contracts for FY 2010/11
  22. Update evaluation process

It's a fine balancing act... holding or extending some services, while also exploring a few new areas. We're really excited about the year ahead! Comments, thoughts and suggestions are all welcome on the blog, or drop us a line at info@digitalnz.org.

Download the 2010 DigitalNZ Roadmap (PDF)