Bake it Digital NZ, and be in to win

* UPDATED * Congratulations Cle0patra - winner of the prize draw! If you want to keep uploading recipes, no problem. They will still appear in our special recipe search.


Create a digital version of a handwritten or personally typed recipe with a New Zealand connection and be in to win!

As you may have seen from our various tweets and posts, last week DigitalNZ baked. Analogue is NOT AS HARD AS IT SEEMS. We did good.

In fact, we did better than good. We won a small prize. Now we want to give that PRIZE to one of you.


  • Handwritten or type-written recipes that can be digitised
  • A digital camera or scanner to produce an image of the recipe
  • A way to upload the recipe to the DigitalNZ Kete or flickr so it appears in the recipe search powered by DigitalNZ
  • Optional transcription of the recipe so it can be text searched


  1. Find an old handwritten or type-written recipe. Maybe you want to join forces with your mum, dad, or nan?
  2. Consider copyright and rights options* (we don't want any illegally copied recipes) - ask us if you're not sure about rights
  3. Make it digital (if you need help or advice on how to do that, use our Make it Digital helpdesk and post a question)
  4. Upload your scan or image to the DigitalNZ Kete or flickr group, license and describe it
  5. Add the tag #nzbakeit if you want it to appear in our special recipe feed
  6. Keep an eye on the DigitalNZ Make it Digital blog or twitter feed for new developments.

* Interestingly, only the instructions and illustrations on recipes are covered by copyright. The list of ingredients are copyright-free.

If you are already a DigitalNZ content provider and want to participate, just add the #nzbakeit tag to items in your existing feed.


Competition extended!
The ability to win a prize in Bake it Digital will be open until Friday 14 August 4 September 2009.

A prize will be awarded to one lucky digital recipe creator – randomly drawn -- and announced on Monday 17 August 7 September 2009. The winner will be contacted by email (as listed in their user sign up).

If you want to keep uploading recipes after that, no problem! They will still appear in our special DigitalNZ recipe search if they have the tag.