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Could you give me some examples of good commercial software for building an archive website. The site would contain images and text (separate and combined) and perhaps sound; video would be best linked to YouTube (ideally through an iframe). An enlargement option should be available for images and text. Search by filename, metadata and description is imperative. eCommerce is desirable but not essential. Uploading should be relatively simple. I would appreciate the names of a few packages I could look at. Thank you, Michael


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The kind of software that meets what you describe is not really for an archive. You are describing something closer to a content management system, and in particular a digital asset management system. Digital archives are generally offline storage systems or server-based repositories with specialised tools that can be added to create a web interface for searching. Two of the popular open source repositories are DSpace,, and Greenstone, For web based content management systems you either have hosted solutions or ones you run yourself. Hosted solutions include blogging platforms like those reviewed by These can often be powerful enough to be used as full content management system. There are also specialised collection platforms like and that can be tailored for a range of uses. If you want to run it yourself, there are a host of content management platforms out there, including the open source Drupal, and Joomla, . There is a list on Wikipedia that may be worth investigating, If you are particularly focused on digital media such as photos, video and sound, a specialised digital asset management system may be more appropriate. There a several of these available commercially, including some New Zealand developed ones. If you use a search engine to search for "digital asset management" you will find a list of solutions and vendors. Information about the kinds of digital management solutions that are out there is provided in our Managing Digital Content guide

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