DC in describing element on photograph

I have a question regarding describing an element on the photo. I need to create a digital collection of houseplants but there are some things that are unclear when using DC.

For example I have taken a photo of Aloe Vera plant and I need to describe the plant and not the photo. What should I write in DC type field, source field, relation and coverage fields? I am also unclear to what to write in the format field. I am describing a plant so do I write “plant” in the format field or should I write that it is a photo? I am building a digital collection for a seminar but things that I mentioned above are unclear so i would appreciate if you could help. I am also creating a HTML document that describes the plant but I don’t know how to apply DC metadata on that HTML. (sorry if something is written wrong – English is not my native language)


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Dublin Core was designed to record bibliographic metadata about a resource or item. This means some Dublin Core fields such as the ones you mention relate to the resource or item in the collection itself (such as image, filename, location etc.), not the content (such as "Aloe Vera"). For photographs we generally recommend the use of the IPTC Core metadata standard, http://iptc.cms.apa.at/cms/site/index.html?channel=CH0099. Although this was designed for newspapers, it is easier to use for describing photographs, and is supported by a wide number of photo management software programs. An example of how IPTC metadata fields can used is can be seen here: http://www.controlledvocabulary.com/imagedatabases/iptc_naa.html#IPTCchart IPTC Core has been designed to work with Dublin Core. The key fields that map between IPTC and Dublin Core are: Title, Subject/Keywords, Creator, Rights/Copyright Notice, and Description. These fields are often all photographers need to use for managing and archiving their collections. If you have to use Dublin Core instead of IPTC, a definition of the basic elements is provided here: http://dublincore.org/documents/dces/ . An example of how some of these are applied to an image is provided in our metadata guide http://makeit.digitalnz.org/guidelines/describing-digital-content/ Dublin Core metadata is embedded into an HTML page head. A basic outline of an HTML document is available here: http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/global.html#h- . How you enter the metadata in part depends on what software you are using and what version of HTML you are producing. A basic example can be found on this webpage http://jarmin.com/meta/dcore.html

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