Enabling Remix - how to make your content available for Mix and MashNZ

We've been talking to all our wonderful content providers about making content available for reuse in the upcoming Mix and Mash Competition - due to launch on 3 November 2010.

This post outlines the 4 small steps to get onboard and make content easily available through DigitalNZ for Mix and Mash.

Step 1) Read the Make It Digital Remix Guide :
We have just published a guide which explains how to enable remix*.  We strongly encourage you to read the guide and then come back to this post for the next 3 steps.

Step 2) Understand the competition and what it lets people do with your content:
Mix and Mash will have categories for a range of content types and formats. Entrants need to locate content that is appropriately licensed for remixing.
DigitalNZ is currently improving http://search.digitalnz.org so everyone can much more easily find items by licence/rights status.   This will be live in the next week.
If an entrant finds an item in http://search.digitalnz.org that is appropriately licensed then they will be able to click on it and go straight to the item's page on your website.
They will then copy/download the item directly from your site and use it for the competition.
We have built in help text that asks people to read and follow the licence/rights statements for individual items before they use them.

Step 3) Tell us about the content you want to make available for use:
All you need to do is send me (fiona.rigby@digitalnz.org) an email telling me:
1) details of the items or collection, including information about whether they are already discoverable in DigitalNZ or not. Include URLs from your website if possible.
2) the license/usage statement** that you would like to apply. Include the URL to that statement if possible.
(Do still get in contact if you have content that you'd like to make available but can't host online. We may be able to give it a home at http://kete.digitalnz.org/ or another of our hosting options.)

Step 4) Wait a wee bit. We'll get back to you with next steps so you can get involved in this exciting iniative.
We will try to keep this as simple as possible for you!

Mix and Mash will be the biggest push ever to get people using our NZ digital content and data. It will not only create a bucket-load of new content but also give huge exposure to the wealth of NZ content DigitalNZ partners are already making available.
We're really excited about working with you on this.

If you have any specific questions you can always email us, anytime, at info@digitalnz.org

Cheers Fiona
DigitalNZ Content Manager

*Remix: A new version of a song, book, picture, video (you name it) made by adding to, or otherwise changing, the original version (licence permitting of course!)
**Terms of Use Statement excerpt from our Remix Guide (we do encourage you to read this guide in full):
"Many terms of use on websites were written in an era when it was easier to put up a blanket statement as a legal disclaimer and leave it to users to worry about copying. Today this is a disservice to you and your users, as it discourages them from using your online services and respecting what your website says. Rather than relying on wordy legal disclaimers, you can use your terms of use to describe the kind of community and behaviour you would like to see built around your content. As part of the Creative Commons work on a public domain mark, they have drafted an excellent set of user guidelines that can be used as a basis of drafting a Terms of Use statement for your remix content. You are free to copy and adapt this text, provided you attribute Creative Commons.org for the original text."