Finding Public Domain Mozart for Community Project

Can someone set out how to find and go about this for a community project? We want to play Mozart using a small mp3 player, amplifier and speakers to reduce crime in our community.


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Hi there - We know of three reputable online sources of public domain classical music that allow you to download and play MP3s and other formats of recordings of Mozart and other composers. They are: * The Internet Archive * Wikipedia's Sound List * Musopen Of the three, only the Wikipedia source consistently labels the music as free for use. While both the Internet Archive and Musopen sites provide and promote music that is for free use, they also place disclaimers on their site that they do not guarantee the music to actually be in the public domain or licensed for free use. You need to make your own assessment on the usability of their recordings. A number of the formats used by the Internet Archive and Wikipedia are in the open Ogg Vorbis format (an alternative to MP3). There are several software programs you can use to convert these to MP3, including one full-featured free version from . Note that we have not tested any of these converters, so cannot guarantee their performance.

--Anonymous • 2010-12-01 00:00:00 UTC