Funding sources for a digitisation project

At the VUW Architecture and Design library we are hoping to progress a proposal to fund the digitising of the entire run of Home and Building (1937-1998), an important source of information on NZ architecture and design. The proposal has been outlined on the ideas page. The expertise is available in the NZ Electronic Text Centre which has completed a successful pilot project but we need to find substantial external funding to ensure it happens. I intend to apply to the Lottery Environment and Heritage Committee. Are there any other potential funding sources? This project will provide full access to both text and images of what was a popular magazine over many decades in NZ. It is of interest to the general public, secondary and tertiary students and also of course to researchers and scholars. Does DNZ have any further plans to offer funding to projects of wide interest? Elizabeth Russell, Architecture and Desig Librarian.


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Thanks for the information about your very interesting digitisation project. We're as yet undecided about offering further Make it Digital awards in 2010. You might like to explore funding options using The Cultural Funding Guide [ ]. This is a search engine to help arts, cultural, and heritage organisations match projects with potential funders. If you focus on the purposes or end results of your project and the benefit it will provide to your community of users, rather than the activity of digitisation itself, you may find you are eligible for a wider range of funds. We would also like to suggest you get in touch with the community that would be interested in accessing the journal and make them aware of your project. You could use your entry in the Voting Tool , to gather information and comments about how they would value accessing the digitised version of the journal. This sort of support may be useful for including in any grant applications you make. We wish you all the very best with your project.

--Anonymous • 2010-06-28 00:00:00 UTC