HackFest: the Christchurch edition

We decided to take the DigitalNZ API HackFest on the road to Christchurch.

We started at 10am and fueled ourselves with chocolate, chippies and cola. By lunchtime, Peter W had a working version of a DigitalNZ iPhone search app going!

After a lunch of pizza and some great conversation, the coding began again.

Late in the afternoon, we cracked open some beer and talked about DigitalNZ. By the end of the day, in addition to Peter's iPhone app, Jonathan built a DigitalNZ search Drupal module and Seth made a search plugin for FireFox. 

 Thanks to the lovely coders who spent a sunny Saturday indoors with us! We hope to see you all again.

I would also really like to thank the wonderful Natalia of PowerHouse/Cii for being so helpful and of course PowerHouse/Cii themselves for letting us use the venue for free.

Here's Follower's account of the day.