materials from overseas public domain

Can I publish on my website materials which are in the US and UK public domain? If the material is from overseas public domain would the New Zealand copyright/public domain laws apply to me and how?


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Whilst I'm not providing you with advice on this issue (legal advice or otherwise), the likelihood of something adverse happening through your assuming that material in the public domain in the UK or US is in the public domain here is probably low. However, you should note that the fact that something is in the public domain in the US (for example) doesn't necessarily mean it's in the public domain here. US federal government materials are a good example. Those materials are usually free of copyright in the US but not necessarily the rest of the world. I should also add that I'm not sure what you mean by "public domain". Some people use that term to mean material that is not subject to copyright (either because it never qualified for copyright or because the copyright in it has expired). Others use the term more loosely to refer to material that has been openly licensed with the likes of Creative Commons licences. What meaning do you have in mind? Can you link to the material you have in mind? All the best. Richard

--Anonymous • 2011-04-28 00:00:00 UTC