Moving Make it Digital

Make it Digital is DigitalNZ’s one-stop shop for questions about creating digital content. From next week Make It Digital will move home to the DigitalNZ website. Don’t worry though, we’ll have redirects set up so you will still be able to link through to your favourite Make It Digital Guides sitting in DigitalNZ.

We’ll be continuing the Ask a Question service. This is where you can seek advice about any aspect of digital content creation and we find an answer (or find someone who can answer!).

However, we will be saying farewell to the Voting Tool. Our old friend has not been used a huge amount in the last year and maintaining the technology behind it has become an issue. We believe the tool has done a fine job but it is now time for it to receive a gold watch. All of the digitisation ideas, their respective comments, and voting data will still be available to view and download on the DigitalNZ site. If you have any last ideas that you want recorded in the tool then get them in this week.

If you have any questions about Make it Digital do get in touch.