Nelson Photo News Launched

Make it Digital Award winners - The Friends of the Nelson Library Microfilm Sub-committee have been blogging their experience of working collaboratively to digitise the Nelson Photo News. This, their last post, tells us the happy news about their launch. You can read previous posts about the digitisation project process and progress here and here.

After a long gestation Nelson Photo News on-line was finally launched to an enthusiastic crowd on 18th July 2011.

The team responsible was surprised and delighted that Barry Simpson, the Nelson Photo News chief editor and photographer, was able to attend despite being in poor health in recent years. As Joanna Innes-Walker chairperson of the team remarked “my day was made when I saw Barry Simpson himself coming through the door”.

To get the website up and running the project team had to resolve various issues including how to deal with copyright issues around images of the 1960’s era. The team are pleased they have shown a way for other cities around New Zealand to digitally publish their own Photo News. Usage figures from the website show that around 1000 people viewed the site in the week after the launch.

Feedback has been very positive and among other requests received has been one for more information on a long lost relative and one from the UK for permission to re-use a rare image of All Black coach Ivan Vodanovitch.

Some of the comments received:

Thanks Karen. I thought last night went off exceptionally well. Dad (Barry Simpson) enjoyed himself and we will look forward to showing him the site. Many thanks for all your hard work. I'm sure this is a site that will be well used.   Annette Savage

What a terrific project! Congratulations to you for doing this. I have sometimes seen the odd, battered copy of the magazine in a second hand store and often thought what a great resource they would be. I think this would be great to use as a resource for high school students doing a specific study on past times in Social Studies or History. I hope that that does happen. I hope that other photo news do likewise. Josephine Maplesden

Screen shot of Nelson Photo News