Republishing Flickr photos [Troy Donovan]

I am producing my first book, to be published online with Blurb it is an architecture book with buildings from America. I do not have my own images but have found images on flickr that I would like to use. What options do I have to get authorisation? Some images have been posted under creative commons, can this be transferred to print media?


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Hi Troy - we hope to get a comment from Creative Commons. In the meantime, yes, creative commons licences can be transferred to print media. If you are planning to sell your book, then licensed material that allows commercial use does not require further authorisation. If the material is not licensed for commercial use ('NC') or is 'all rights reserved', you should contact the owner and ask their permission, which is easy to do on Flickr using their messaging system. If they decline or set conditions you are not happy with, you do not have the right to republish those images. In print media especially, it is important to ensure that the proper attribution is given for creative commons material, but you are not required to print or publish the link to the original source.

--Anonymous • 2009-07-12 00:00:00 UTC

Hi Troy, Lewis is right, CC licensed material can be republished as print material as long as you respect the conditions of the licence. Click on the ‘some rights reserved’ link or symbol appearing with the Flickr photo and the licence details will appear. For more help, here is a list of CC licences in along with some further explanation about the terms of each one: When using CC licensed images in your book, at the very least you will always need to attribute the copyright owner of each image. For some helpful suggestions on how to do this, visit our ‘Using a CC licensed work’ page at: The CC team in Australia have also provided some ‘tool kits’ for using CC material, download them here: If you would like to use Flickr images that are ‘all rights reserved’ you will have to get permission from the copyright owner to even republish them (whether commercially or not). You will also have to gain permission for CC images that don’t allow commercial use if you are intending to produce the book commercially. Likewise, if you would like to alter or rework the images, make sure you have prior permission if the CC licence doesn’t allow for this. Perhaps signing up to Flickr and mailing the account holder directly is a good place to start. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Creative Commons in New Zealand for any further help. Jane Hornibrook Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand Ph +64 4 472 9488 Cel +64 2761 98139 A project of the Council for the Humanities

--Anonymous • 2009-07-12 00:00:00 UTC