Safer Journeys for Teens: NZTA Remix competition for Secondary School Students

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has just launched a competition for secondary schools students (Years 9-13) focusing on a theme of 'Safer Journeys for Teens'.  The competition encourages the creative re-use of content and data from the NZTA websites and publications.  

The incredibly popular 'Legend' advert is just one example of the content available for remixing in the competition.

In addition to creating a remix or mashup, students will have to provide evidence that they have used their work to engage with students at their school.

There are three categories in this competition.  The creative remix category includes remixed images, videos, music and animation.  The data mashup category includes an infographic that incorporates NZTA data.   The literary remix category includes the remixed works of William Shakespeare.

The top prize is $10,000 in vouchers for the winning school.  Five students will also be selected to receive vouchers worth $500 each.  There is also a prize of $2000 to go towards teachers and some students presenting their work at the International Conference on Thinking 2013 in Wellington.  There are separate prize pools for Auckland schools, Rural schools and all other schools with Year 9-13 students.  

Students and teachers can begin working on their entries when the school term begins and can be submitted from September 1st 2012 to October 31st 2012. 

Students are not limited to remixing NZTA content and data only.  They are also welcome to use other content and data so long as it is appropriately licensed or permission is granted by the copyright owner.  There is lots of amazing, remixable content on DigitalNZ.  A quick search for "car" images (that can be modified) yields over 3,000 results!!  


First motor-car in Auckland. Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19001005-7-5. No known copyright.

More information about other remixable resources will be available on the competition site in the future.