So many sets

It's been 58 days since we launched the Sets function on our site. This morning we arrived to find that more than 500 individual, publicly listed sets have been lovingly created. (The 500th is about Sir Graham Henry)

What are people making sets about?

After a rummage through online records, people like to make sets that are:

  • Funny and quirky: Appreciating old things in a new context.
  • Visually pleasing, arty and creative: Pulling together beautiful but disparate items, telling a story or making a mini exhibition of a favorite artist's work on the API.
  • Educational or informational: Showing information about a subject, place, or moment in time.
  • On personal history: Finding items that relate to your own background, whether it's family or workplace history.

Here are 50 sets in order of most visited 

1. Awkward Portraits 

2. What have you come as?

3. Margaret Mahy

4. Come hither

5. 50 Shades of Grey

6. Woman on left, leaning on table

7. Foot models

8. Girls and books

9. The Irish in NZ

10. Unitec History

11. People of the Gasworks

12. Learn to count with the Alexander Turnbull Library 

13. Interislander - 50 years young

14. Anne Noble

15. Eric Lee Johnson's star trails

16. First World War newspaper timeline thing 

17. Tongariro

18. Pet portraits

19. We like to read it read it

20. A decade in the Media: 1980s

21. Bean Rock lighthouse

22. Fog on water (and on other things)

23. Beautiful imperfection

24. All lit up

25. Plischke - man, building, design

26. Split Enz

27. My weekend in order

28. Punk makes my day

29. Hello, I am an All Black, and my name is ...

30. Hunters (in re)pose

31. That's unlucky

32. I put on my robe and wizard hat...

33. Happy Birthday Fiona

34. Where's your head at?

35. Proto-hipsters

36. Portraits of people with awesome names

37. 1972

38. Architectural Models

39. At first I was, like...

40. Elbows

41. The haunted forest

42. Olympians

43. Laurence Aberhart

44. Wish Yiz Were Here

45. Old Wellington

46. A short story of love and betrayal

47. McCahon's Cubism

48. Seed catalogues

49. Smoking and modernism

50. Pleasure of Ruins

Get creating sharing to topple these sets off the top 50...

What's next?

You can currently create sets and share them on social media. We have a lot of fun selecting and profiling new ones each day on our front page. Our techies are working on making sure that sets are also easy to search, browse and discover. Watch this space!


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