The final stretch: Digitising the British Parliamentary Papers relating to New Zealand

Make it Digital Award winners - University of Waikato Library have been blogging their experience of digitising the The British Parliamentary Papers relating to New Zealand. This post describes their final sprint towards the finish line! You can read about the project progress and process in previous posts onetwo and three.

It has been some time since our last update but we can report that we have been making progress.

Various key tasks have been worked on or completed including:

    The introduction, contents and text for the website compiled along with Maori translations
  • The webpages have been built and developed
  • Correcting of metadata for completed pages
  • Checking that all files have been added
  • Rights management -thanks Fiona and Lewis (from DigitalNZ) for our discussion on videoconference
  • We did have a few technical glitches but these have all been solved now.

We have recently sent out a test version to friends and colleagues and this resulted in some useful responses and has given us tweeks to work on and investigate.
And we can report another successful 'product' -a baby has arrived. Samia was born on 28 May 2011 to Abdi and his wife.
We hope to go live with a pilot soon.