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This voting process is biased towards larger orgainsations who can mobilise email lists etc. It is also biased towards wealthier organisations who have members and supporters that are on line. A lot of poor or small, but worthy groups thus missout. Ian


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Hi Ian, We're not sure if you're talking about the Make it Digital Award or the Voting Tool in general? If you were referring to the Make it Digital Award: The responses on the Voting Tool will just be one aspect of the Award evaluation. Judges will consider people's comments about why the proposal is of value to them, they'll look at who is commenting and they will be sure not to disadvantage examples that may not attract a huge number of votes or comments because, for example, they are in low population areas. We are looking for quality and relevance, not quantity. Also, the other award criteria will be very important in the evaluation:

  • The public benefit from providing online access to the proposed collection.
  • Whether the collection (or collection items) are available online in any other way or form
  • Evidence of how the collection can be used - for instance clear rights statements such as Creative Commons licences and/or ‘No Known Copyright’
  • Any other support or resources that the applicant is able to bring to the project.
  • Evidence that the applicant can complete the proposed project.
  • We have answered this and other Frequently Asked Questions on the Make it Digital Award page: If you were referring to the Make it Digital Voting Tool in general then refer to our Voting Tool FAQ page which explains the purpose of the tool: In short, the Make it Digital Voting Tool is a way for people to communicate their need for NZ digital content. It gives a voice to people who need digital content, and a gentle flag to content providers that there is a need. --Anonymous • 2010-02-10 00:00:00 UTC