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Introducing beta.digitalnz.org

Posted on 23 September 2016 by fiona

Today beta.digitalnz.org says 'Kia ora world!' and takes a little bow. We're very pleased to introduce you to the work we've been undertaking over the last months and encourage you to have a click around and explore our new site.

Beta.Digitalnz.Org Home Page

This is the first small step in the journey that is refreshing and upgrading the digitalnz.org search site. You will see that the beta is a basic version of the current www.digitalnz.org. On ... Read more

Update on DigitalNZ’s big year of renovations

Posted on 06 September 2016 by fiona

As we mentioned back in March, we've got a whole lot going on this year. We're continuing to work hard on our renovation of the DigitalNZ site and services. As with many renovation projects a lot of hard work has been done “back of house”. We've been getting DigitalNZ’s infrastructure ready for the expanded functionality and we've been working on the wireframes - a blueprint that outlines the skeleton of the... Read more

Dunedin City Council Archives and the public domain

At DigitalNZ, we're always keen to see online collections with clear and consistent licensing, and we're especially interested in those collections that apply open licenses.

The Dunedin City Council Archivesis home to many fascinating records about Dunedin's history, some of which they have been digitising and uploading to Flickr over the last couple of years. We're lucky to work with them as one of our... Read more

Changes afoot in 2016

Posted on 29 March 2016 by fiona

It's April already. How did that happen? 2016 is a big year for us. We are making changes to www.digitalnz.org which will include exciting features, as well as the addition of existing National Library services into DigitalNZ. We're thinking of it as a bit of a house renovation!


Image: Malcolm and Wendy Ackerley in kitchen of their Petone home - Photograph taken by Phil Reid. Further negatives of the Evening Post newspaper. Ref:... Read more

Come to DigitalNZ's workshop in Auckland


Image: People at the DigitalNZ Day at the National Library in October 2015.

We are holding a special workshop in Auckland on Friday 26 February for our amazing content partners and any others interested in the work of DigitalNZ.

This workshop will be similar to one held last year at the National Library and will provide a chance for participants to share their thoughts on the future of DigitalNZ, where we should... Read more

Supplejack and Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Posted on 02 December 2015 by lisa

Nga Taonga 1

Film cans stored in one of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision’s vaults (supplied by Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision).

One of the most exciting things about working on an open source project is seeing other people make use of things you've made. For the last few months Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision have been using DigitalNZ’s Supplejack data harvesting and search platform to bring together their various data sources and build... Read more

3000 public sets

Do you know what is better than 2000 sets? 3000 sets! Last time we celebrated set-making on the blog, we had 2000 glorious sets. But industrious set-makers never rest, and now we reached a new milestone.

We are always intrigued and amazed at what kinds of topics people make sets about, so we've put together this special highlights package just for you.

Family history

Family history sets are a strong group in the pantheon of sets. Family... Read more

The DigitalNZ Day

Posted on 18 November 2015 by fiona

On the 15 October, over 40 people gathered at the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington, to take part in DigitalNZ Day. This day was a forum for people to share their thoughts on the future of DigitalNZ and talk about how DigitalNZ could work more collaboratively.

In the first part of the day the DigitalNZ team presented on our progress in 2015, with a deep dive into some key pieces of our work:

- Values Research;

- People... Read more

Gifs, libraries, and digital literacies

Over the last couple of months, I've had the pleasure of spending some time with the good folk at public libraries (and a couple of clubhouses) across New Zealand.

Alongside the GIF IT UP challenge that we are currently running, I developed a bunch of different animated gif-making workshops, so that librarians could learn how to make animated gifs. The sessions are designed to support participants to run their own... Read more

Introducing the DigitalNZ Concepts API

At the 2013 National Digital Forum we shared our initial linked dataexperiments. During the intervening period we have continued to explore these ideas. Today we release the first proper iteration of our Concepts API and we are very excited!We want this data service to be simple and immediately useful. Linked data has earned a reputation of having a steep learning curve. Our aim is to create a linked data API that any... Read more

Come along to the DigitalNZ Day - 15 Oct 2015

Posted on 30 September 2015 by fiona

The DigitalNZ team and the DigitalNZ Advisory Board would like to invite you to a full-day workshop at the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington, on Thursday 15 October. (This is the day after the National Digital Forum).

The workshop will be a forum for new ideas, a chance to share your thoughts on the future of DigitalNZ and an opportunity todiscuss how we can work more closely with you. DigitalNZ... Read more

How to create an animated GIF using GIMP software

Posted on 08 September 2015 by admin


Before making our GIF, we need to make sure the content we are animating is copyright-free. Using search services such as DigitalNZ, the Digital Public Library of America, Europeana, and Trove, are easy ways to access copyright-free photographs, videos, and huge range of other material. These services will also allow you to search by usage, so you know that you are only returning results... Read more

How to make an animated GIF from a stereograph

Posted on 07 September 2015 by admin

Stereographs were a type of photograph popular in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. They were initially created by taking a photograph, slightly shifting the camera, and taking another photograph of the same scene. When viewed through a stereoscope, a special device for viewing these images, the two photographs create the illusion of depth. Today, we can recreate the trompe l’oeil 3D effect of the... Read more

How to make a simple animated GIF with free software

Posted on 07 September 2015 by admin


Before making our GIF, we need to make sure the content we are animating is copyright-free. Using search services such as DigitalNZ, the Digital Public Library of America, Europeana, and Trove, are easy ways to access copyright-free photographs, videos, and huge range of other material. These services will also allow you to search by usage, so you know that you are only returning results... Read more

Content wrap-up: April–July 2015

Posted on 01 July 2015 by ting

Over the last few months we have welcomed more great content partners to DigitalNZ. We now have a total of 186 content partners with over 29 million searchable items on www.digitalnz.org. This quarter we were really excited to work with a number of New Zealand museums, a family collection of WW1 photographs, a major international partner, and we have also brought in additional collections from existing content partners.

We... Read more

Content wrap-up: Jan–March 2015

What’s new on DigitalNZ? Well, we’re glad you asked. This year we thought we’d post a quarterly content wrap-up to let you know what excellent new collections we’ve been working with and what new content you can find on DigitalNZ.

New content in the first quarter of 2015 was varied: videos, research papers, data, and artwork.

It’s not every day we are approached to harvest content entitled ‘Burlesque Brain’! But we were... Read more

Creative reuse and digital collections

Here at DigitalNZ we’ve been circling the problem of creative reuse of digital collections for a number of years now. Needless to say, it’s a tricky one.

We’ve run competitions to encourage and celebrate the reuse of openly licensed content: Mix & Mash, and most recently, GIF IT UP, a GIF-making competition we ran with the Digital Public Library of America. Whilst these have been successful and people have made... Read more

Metadata battles

Here at DigitalNZ we enjoy an end-of-year Christmas list as much as the next person. This year we thought we could turn our data-obsessed eyes towards the metadata of our excellent content partners and compare and contrast their collections.

Who has the most “cats” in their collection? And who has the most "Christmas"?

These are serious questions that call for answers!

If you are a bit confused by the word ‘metadata’, this simply means the... Read more

GIF IT UP winners

Gif It Up Banner 3

What an excellent way to finish a busy year at DigitalNZ—with a showcase of awesome GIFs made from copyright-free images! The past couple of months we’ve had a lot of fun running the GIF IT UP competition with our good friends at the Digital Public Library of America. We’ve been amazed by all the creative and ingenious entries and want to thank everyone who entered their work.

You can browse all the GIFs at the GIF IT UP Tumblr gallery.

... Read more


Gif It Up Logo 1ab Print

It’s a public domain celebration! The Digital Public Library of America and DigitalNZ are holding GIF IT UP, an international competition over the next six weeks (13 October–1 December, Eastern) to find the best GIFs reusing public domain and openly licensed digital video, images, text, and other material available via our search portals. Winners will have their work featured and celebrated online at the Public Domain Review and also on ... Read more