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New wildlife on DigitalNZ

Posted on 25 September 2012 by jane

Green Gecko (Naultinus Elegans)

Green Gecko (Naultinus elegans) (CC BY-NC)

Just under an hour's drive north from Wellington City is Nga Manu Nature Reserve. The 13 hectare site is the largest single remaining remanent of original coastal lowland swamp forest on the Kapiti Coast. Inhabitants are Kiwi, Tuatara, Gecko, Skinks, Wetas, Morepork, Tui, Kereru and many other scaly, furry or feathered friends. The grounds are covered with over 700 different species of... Read more

Good digital citizens explore, remix and attribute

Posted on 12 August 2012 by jane

This winter, we took part in a fun digital citizenship symposium with the year 9s at Samuel Marsden Collegiate. It's all about safety, community, respect and ethics for growing upwith moderntechnology.

The umbrella of digital citizenship tends to encompass privacy, online profile awareness, safety, digital security,cyber bullying, netiquette, the law, access and media literacy. Samuel Marsden organised two days of conference style... Read more

So many sets

Posted on 07 August 2012 by jane

It's been 58 days since we launched the Sets function on our site. This morning we arrived to find that more than 500 individual,publiclylisted sets have been lovingly created. (The 500th is about Sir Graham Henry)

What are people making sets about?

After a rummage through online records, people like to make sets that are:

Funny and quirky: Appreciatingold things in a new context. Visually pleasing, arty and creative: Pulling together beautiful... Read more

Introducing version 3 of the DigitalNZ API

Posted on 10 July 2012 by chris mcdowall

We recently made a series of changes to the technology that powers DigitalNZ, including introducing a new version of our developer API. The changes in the API combine requests made by developers with improvements we wanted to make use of in our own applications. The version 3 documentation is available on the developers section of DigitalNZ. We will continue to support version 1 and 2 of the API for the foreseeable... Read more

Moving Make it Digital

Posted on 03 July 2012 by fiona

Make it Digital is DigitalNZ’s one-stop shop for questions about creating digital content. From next week Make It Digital will move home to the DigitalNZ website. Don’t worry though, we’ll have redirects set up so you will still be able to link through to your favourite Make It Digital Guides sitting in DigitalNZ.

We’ll be continuing the Ask a Question service. This is where you can seek advice about any aspect of digital content... Read more

DigitalNZ Sets are here

Posted on 18 June 2012 by jane

DigitalNZ has a nifty new collecting function. You can now group your favourite things from over 25 million items, and more than120 content partners, together into one useful place.

One of the exciting things about the digital age is traversing a sea of online content, selecting your choice cuts, and then expressingyourpersonal taste to others. Now you can use your curatorial instincts on DigitalNZ and share your own selections of... Read more

Best format for keeping email ephemera?

Posted on 29 May 2012 by natlib

In my job i need to save copies of invitations sent via email as they constitute 'ephemera'. The invitations are not attachments but actually in the body of the email itself. I'm really hoping to get some advice as to what format i should save them in. Is it best to simply save them as HTML or to convert them to something like PDF? Even a short term solution would be most helpful as they are starting to mount up! Many... Read more


Posted on 29 May 2012 by jane

Your browser is not able to display frames. Please visit the <a href="http://www.mindmeister.com/170133557/nzta-remix-competition-safer-journeys-for-teens" target="_blank">mind map: NZTA Remix Competition - Safer Journeys for Teens</a> on <a href="http://www.mindmeister.com" target="_blank">Mind Mapping - MindMeister</a>.


Posted on 28 May 2012 by natlib

Hi - If you have permission of the publisher to digitise copies of a magazine do you also need permission of the individual authors of each article ? If a the magazine is 50 years old it could be hard to track authors down, are there alternatives to getting their (or their decendants) express permission since they would seem the be incredibly hard to find. Thanks


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Kia ora Energizer, We answered a... Read more

Mashup Bay of Plenty’s 2012 success

Posted on 28 May 2012 by jane

3484 Mashup ImageDuring the last weekend of March, Bruce Fraser and the good people at Bay of Plenty Regional Council joined partners and sponsors to hold their second successful data Mashup competition for secondary school students.

Mashup 2012 was a chance for local students to rise to the challenge and build new tools for real world scenarios, and all in just one weekend. Twelve teams of up to five pupils gathered at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic’s Bongard... Read more

Past Policemen

Posted on 22 May 2012 by natlib

Can you please tell me how I might access information regarding ancestor who was a police constable in the 1870's in Gisborne


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Hi Bruce, The Police Museum has some great advice about research enquiries on their site: http://sites.google.com/site/newzealandpolicemuseum/home/enquiries All the best, Fiona

--Fiona Rigby (DigitalNZ) •2012-05-30 00:00:00 UTC

In the spotlight: State Library of Victoria

Posted on 14 May 2012 by fiona

DigitalNZ is all about making New Zealand digital content easier to find, share and use. That content doesn't have to be *in* New Zealand though. In fact we're really keen to talk to any international organisations that have collections of New Zealand related content. We use the Powerhouse Museum and Museums Victoria excellent APIs to harvest their New Zealand related metadata. National Library of Australia is also a content partner... Read more

UC CEISMIC launches DigitalNZ powered search

Posted on 07 May 2012 by jane

The UC CEISMIC Canterbury Earthquake Digital Archive launched its new search service this week. CEISMIC is working to avoid fragmentation of records and stories about the earthquakes from different people, and now behold their great new federated search function. It's powered by DigitalNZ, and pulls in amazing material from across various partners in more useful and meaningful ways.

The website helps partners share with each other, and you,... Read more


Posted on 03 May 2012 by natlib

What is a remix? Can you please tell me.


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Hi Taz, There are a few different definitions of remix. The one we like to use is: "A new version of a song, book, picture, video (you name it) made by adding to, or otherwise changing the original version (license permitting of course)." You might also like to check out our Remix Guide: http://makeit.digitalnz.org/guidelines/enabling-use-reuse/remix-guide/ I... Read more


Posted on 22 April 2012 by natlib

Could you tell me whether there is a preferred option with geotagging photographs eg general area of photograph, where the photographer was standing when the photo was taken, or main focus of photograph ie central building or object? I understand that some cameras note where the photographer was standing when the photograph was taken but that's not helpful if the photograph was using a zoom lens. Also, do you have any recommendations for the best... Read more

People from another time: Ever-changing faces from historical NZ portraits

Posted on 07 March 2012 by chris mcdowall

Other Faces

This post details a small project I created over Waitangi Weekend using the DigitalNZ API . You can play with the end result here.

In late 2011, I attended the New Zealand National Digital Forum. It was a great conference full of inspirational people. I was particularly taken by Tim Sherratt's presentation on the Invisible Australians project and Mitchell Whitelaw's thoughtful... Read more

In the spotlight: The University of Otago Library's Hocken Collections

Posted on 20 February 2012 by chelsea

The spotlight shines again, this time on a recently added collection of beautiful digital content from the University of Otago Library'sHocken Collections!

The Hocken Collections is a library collection of national significance. The Collections include books, ephemera, posters, newspapers, journals, music, maps, and heaps more on the history and culture of New Zealand, the Pacific and... Read more

In the spotlight: Tauranga City Libraries

Posted on 08 February 2012 by chelsea

This week's spotlight on awesome content contributors shines on Tauranga City Libraries.

Tauranga City Libraries contribute digital content to DigitalNZ from their online digital 'knowledge basket' called Tauranga Memories. The aim of the site is to capture the spirit of Tauranga through the community's contribution of personal stories, photographs, video and audio footage.

A real highlight of Tauranga Memories is... Read more

Safer Journeys for Teens: NZTA Remix competition for Secondary School Students

Posted on 31 January 2012 by chelsea

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has just launched a competition for secondary schools students (Years 9-13) focusing on a theme of 'Safer Journeys for Teens'. The competition encourages the creative re-use of content and data from the NZTA websites and publications.

The incredibly popular 'Legend' advert is just one example of the content available for remixing in the... Read more

Quoting NZ newspaper articles in a non-fiction NZ book

Posted on 30 January 2012 by natlib

I'm in the process of writing about certain criminal enterprises in NZ over the last 10 years (nothing controvesial I hasten to point out!) - but I'd like to quote some articles from local/national newspapers around court cases, background details of suspects, and so on. Mainly quotes from witnesses, judges, lawyers, and so on. How do I go about doing that? Any ideas'd be helpful!


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