How to save items and make Stories

Stories allow you to group your own items found in DigitalNZ and add your own captions, titles, notes and text to tell your Story. 

Watch the short video, or follow the instructions below for step-by-step guides to creating your first story.

1. Sign up

Stories How To - 01 Sign Up

Sign up by clicking on the SIGN UP link in the top right of the home page. You'll need to enter a username, an email address, and a password. Then review and accept the terms and conditions before clicking on the SIGN UP button.

2. Find things you're interested in

Once you're logged in the fun starts. Simply search for topics you're interested in.

Searching for Story Items

When you see something you like, click the “Add this item to” button to save it to a Story. To start a new Story, chose the “Create new story” button and give your Story a name.

Adding an Item To A Story

You’ll find all your Stories by hovering over your username at the top of the page.

Finding the My Stories page

If you just want to collect and share items, you can stop right here. But DigitalNZ now has more great tools for you to tell your story.

3. Write some words

The "add text" bar allows you to add your thoughts, notes or reference information. You may create as many text blocks as you like.

Adding a text bock to a story

Additionally, you can change the caption and title of each item by clicking the "pencil" icon to edit the item (see below).

Editing item title/caption

4. Move things around

You can move items and text around on the page by clicking on them then dragging them where you want them to go.

You can also click the "Expand" icon in the corner of each item to make that item a larger size.

Edit, resize and delete icons

5. Make your story easy to find

You can change your story's title, add a short description, and add some keywords to make your story easier to find and use. The story header also has a link to your story's sharing settings.

Story metadata

6. Decide how to share your Story

You can choose who you want to see your Story using Manage/change access settings.

Sharing options palette for stories

  • “Public” means that anyone can view this Story.
  • “Hidden” means that only people you share this link with can see this Story. For example, you may choose to send the link to a select group of friends, colleagues, or family.
  • “Private” means that only you can view this Story.

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