Management resources

New Zealand Resources

A Guide to Developing a Record Keeping Policy - Continuum, Archives New Zealand, 2006

OARINZ Knowledge Base Wiki - an online clearing-house of information relevant to people involved in New Zealand repository projects, Open Access Repositories in New Zealand

Institutional Repositories in New Zealand: Comparing Institutional Strategies for Digital Preservation and Discovery - Brenda Chawner, Rowena Cullen, 2008

Advice on Records and Archiving and compliance with the Public Records Act - Archives New Zealand

Overseas Resources

A Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections 3rd Edition - National Information Standards Organization, December 2007

Systems for Managing Digital Media Collections - JISC Digital Media, September 2009

Digital Asset Management - from the NINCH Guide to Good Practice in the Digital Representation and Management of Cultural Heritage Materials, 2002

Free and Open Source Repository Software - the Open Access Directory wiki