Content scope, principles and priorities

Scope of content in DigitalNZ Search

DigitalNZ makes New Zealand digital content easier to find, share, and use, and we are adding more content all the time.

We will consider adding content to our search service if it helps us meet that goal. Submitted content has to have a connection and relevance to New Zealand Aotearoa. So, it's about New Zealand, New Zealanders, or New Zealand subjects and issues, or i t was created in NZ, or i t was made by a NZer or a NZ community, or i t has a connection to a notable NZer.

Also, new content has to have metadata (machine readable content descriptions) that point to a freely accessible object. Right now our public service doesn't include indexes or finding aids for physical, real-world stuff. We also need to be able to access the digital objects without authentication or passwords. Free to access digital images, sound files, videos, multimedia files, and authored text (like web pages and documents) are the kind of things we're looking for.

Content Priorities

In 2016/17 our major priority is refreshing DigitalNZ’s search experience and adding a range of new features. Our small team is focusing in on all the work required to meet these goals. Therefore, until the development of the new services is complete, we will only be proactively approaching new content partners in the following high value areas:

Prioritisation Process:

We're aiming to making NZ content easier to find, share, and use, and these things help. So if your content meets all of these principles then it will be high in our "to do" list:

We consider all content suggestions that fit into our scope, but it has to at least meet some of these principles. If we agree to harvest your metadata, we may ask that you commit to ongoing improvements to your site, content, and/or metadata so that it will meet more of the DigitalNZ content principles. We're always really happy to provide advice that will help you do this.