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An appeal by Michael Joseph Savage for the King George V Memorial Fund for health camps. Shows children at a health camp. 'New Zealand National Pictures present The Right Hon. The Prime Minister in Health Camps for Happiness'. Fade out. M.S. Savage speaking. C.U. Savage speaking (Describes King George V & memorial to him). M.S. Savage continues (Children's health camps as memorial throughout NZ) Fade out while commentary continues. W.S. Children on swings. C.U. same scene. Fade out. W.S. Children go to beach. W.S. Children playing at water's edge (Savage describes scene & purpose of health camps) Fade out. View of children in pine forest. W.S. Scene in dining room. C.U. children taking slices of bread. C.U. boys eating. Shot down length of dining table. C.U. little girl eating. C.U. girl eating. W.S. Children coming out of building in pairs, Matron on right. C.U. girl cleaning teeth. M.S. boys with toothmugs - cleaning teeth. W.S. Children sunbathing. M.S. Kids lying on sand. W.S. Children in pine forest. M.S. Same scene. Shot of detailed weight chart kept for each child (Raukawa Health Camp, Otaki). M.S. Savage speaking (Description of camps and voluntary movement). L.S. Savage. M.S. Savage. C.U. Savage (explains King George V Memorial Fund for establishment of health camps). Fade out. 'The end'. A New Zealand national picture'. Fade out. Finish.

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