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Birthday party, Otahuhu, 1964.

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Lew's ("Your photographer / Lew's / Socials - Weddings - Home Studies / Specialists in Natural Colour / 113 Station Road, Otahuhu, phone O.H. 65-961.")

Young women pose for the camera at a 21st birthday party in Avenue Road, Otahuhu, 1964. Seated at the front are, from left to right: Dawn Dowling [nee Jones]; Ann (?); Avis Porter; Carol Mills [nee Burns]; Helen (?) Val Lott [nee Jones], is the woman with dark hair and a wide smile seated immediately behind this group. Dawn Dowling and Val Lott are identical twins. Note the backcombed or piled up and lacquered hairstyles (including some 'Beehives'), the prevalence of halter-top or sleeveless cocktail dresses, the bottle of draught Dominion Bitter beer open on the table, the matchboxes at the ready, and the lighted cigarettes in several hands.

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