A fresh new look

Posted on 28 February 2019 by Thomasin

You may have recently noticed some changes on DigitalNZ. We've been working on the individual item pages on the site and have improved both the design and the way information is worded and expressed alongside each item.

We've redesigned the pages so that the item information on DigitalNZ is more succinct and clear. The biggest change you'll see is in how copyright information is expressed. DigitalNZ's goal has always been to "make New Zealand's digital content easy to find, share, and use". The "use" part of this goal means that we want it to be easy for people to understand the copyright information for content they find on our site. 

As such, we're now providing the copyright status of each item. For example:

New item page

As well as a breakdown of what you can and can't do with it:

New rights info

This new page design is a first step and, over the next months, we're going to be making changes and addressing any issues that arise.

We hope you'll agree that the new design is looking slick! And that the new rights information is easy to follow and understand at a glance. We welcome your feedback. Do get in touch, info@digitalnz.org, if you have any thoughts or queries.

We've turned off comments here, but we'd still love to know your thoughts. Visit us on our Facebook Page @digitalnz or on Twitter @DigitalNZ to share any ideas or musings with the DigitalNZ team.