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Welcome to the refreshed digitalnz.org, the next step in DigitalNZ’s evolution. Here we’re developing and testing new and improved ways for you to find, share and use amazing New Zealand content. 

In 2017 we’ve developed a fresh, more user-friendly and lovely-to-look-at version of digitalnz.org. We’re starting with a very basic version of the website and we’ll regularly make both small and substantial changes to this site throughout this year and beyond. These changes will often be based on your feedback, so any thoughts you have for us are hugely helpful and will feed directly into the site’s development.

You can let us know what you think by emailing us at info@digitalnz.orgWe’d love to hear from you.

digitalnz.org release notes

These notes give you all the information about what is, and isn’t yet, working on digitalnz.org. 

August 2017

We’ve made it! Welcome to the new digitalnz.org! We thrive on continuous improvement, so here’s the lowdown on all the new things, and on some things we’re still working on:

Design. We’ve been busy refining the design and making things pretty. Hopefully you’ll find the site cleaner, clearer, and easy to use.

Stories. For those new to our fresh design, we’d like to introduce you to Stories. The next evolution of Sets, letting you add your own text, descriptions, titles to tell your story your way. You can also still use Stories, just like you used to with Sets.

Over the last month we’ve been focussing on refining the look and design of the editing features of Stories. We’ve added a three column layout. You can drag and drop much more smoothly, and now change the layout of items in your Story. We’re still working on the drag and drop feature for tablets. We’ve also worked on the sharing options, and added terms and conditions and Creative Commons Licence information to the Story rights workflow.

Copyright and licensing on Stories. We're still working on licensing options for the Stories function. When you use any item from DigitalNZ in a Story its copyright is as specified by the source/owner of that item. For now, when you add your own text you must agree for it to be licensed with a CC BY 4.0 license. So if you are adding text you must ensure you: 

  1. you have the applicable rights to add this content to beta.digitalnz.org
  2. that the content you've added does not include material that infringes any intellectual property or privacy rights, breaches any suppression order or any other law, or be purposefully inflammatory, and
  3. that any content you contribute to digitalnz.org will be licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution (BY) licence so that it can be re-used by others as long as it is appropriately attributed 

Please refer to the Terms of use for full details. If you're in doubt we suggest you wait until we can offer you more license options before adding text to your Story. 

Search. We’re still to add a search box to the individual item pages, so you don’t have to hit home or back to start a new search.

Filters and Tabs. We’ve done a lot, but there is still more to come. While filtering is functional, we want to give you a bit more flexibility so you can filter on multiple Content Partners, Collections, Usage and Dates in one go. We’ve also got some work to do to provide filter options on your mobile.

Returning to results. We haven’t quite got to the bottom of this one. We know that it is really annoying when you’ve scrolled through pages of results, then click to look at an item, then if you return to your results, you return to the beginning. Bear with us, we want this fixed too!

Mobile. While you can add items to Stories on your mobile device, you can currently only add and edit text in desktop or tablet view. We're working on increasing the number of ways you can add to your Stories from your mobile very soon.

Browser compatibility. We’ve done a fair bit of testing but there might be the odd thing that doesn’t work quite right on some browsers. If you come across anything else do let us know.

Accessibility. We’d already done a lot of work to make sure digitalnz.org is more accessible to everyone, and we’ve done even more here. If you come across anything in particular do let us know.

DigitalNZ information. We’ve done heaps of work updating the DigitalNZ information and everything that should be here is now in the pages at the new digitalnz.org. A little tangent – the Make it Digital guide is being updated over the next few months.

API Keys. You can now request your own API key. Click on your username and you’ll see an option to get My API Key.

Community content: We’re moving towards our goal of supporting a sustainable and useful solution for community content. Our beta Community Places feature https://www.digitalnz.org/explore#place is the first foray into the structure that will support community content. Here you will find (mostly) relevant items linked to a Place page. This is a first iteration, so at the moment the places only link to content from Kete repositories. This first version doesn’t yet extend to tagging items to places, but in the background it is using a linked open data infrastructure that will form a backbone to linking relationships between items.

You can also read our previous release notes (Google Doc) to see what else we've been up to.