Use the DigitalNZ API to access files from across the NZ cultural, education, and government sectors

The data available through DigitalNZ describes the digital items held by content partners across all walks of NZ life. You can use the API to search across the likes of titles, descriptions, dates, and creators of the material; as well as requesting thumbnails and the full metadata record for each item.

The aggregation service collects only the metadata that describes the digital content, but these API also return pointers to the item objects and thumbnails put online by our fantastic content partners. The Developer API Terms of Use explain how this all works. We hope you'll use this metadata to do good and wonderful things, create new experiences, and demonstrate the value of sharing this data. Email us at if we can help.

You can find examples of how others have used the API in our API examples showcase.

The current version of the DigitalNZ API is version 3.