Code Samples and libraries

Note: The following resources are a little stale but still provide some useful starting points. One important change (in late 2021) is the passing of API keys in a custom HTTP header, ‘Authentication-Token’, instead of the request URL. See API docs v3 for more information.

SDK/Client Libraries

APIMatic have set up a range of SDKs/Client Libraries for DigitalNZ's API that includes PHP, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Java, C#, and Objective C.

Javascript search widget for API v3

In-context search of content in DigitalNZ that can be embedded in web pages and blogs etc.

Python resources for API v3

  • pydnz – a Python module for consuming the DigitalNZ API.

  • A video tutorial demonstrating how to create simple search application with the DigitalNZ API.

Jupyter notebooks for API v3

Tim Sherrat's Jupyter notebooks are a collection of tools, tutorials and examples in Python that cover a wide range of really interesting interactions with the DigitalNZ API.

Deprecated code samples for API v1 and v2

The following code samples were written for the deprecated versions 1 and 2 of the DigitalNZ API. The current DigitalNZ API is version 3.

iOS (Objective C) iPhone/iPad app

A simple app for searching DigitalNZ from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

PHP Demonstration Website

A Picture Show website built on the DigitalNZ Search API.

PHP Drupal module

Module to integrate DigitalNZ search with Drupal CMS.

Ruby DigitalNZ client library - Boost

This library uses nokogiri for speedily parsing the XML.

Ruby Kete's External Search Sources - Kete/Katipo/Auckland City Library

Ruby Geoparsing DigitalNZ - Gordon Anderson