How to make a story

Stories allow you to group your own items found in DigitalNZ and add your own captions, titles, and notes.

1. Sign up

Sign up by clicking the 'Sign up' link in the top right of the home page.

  • Enter a username, email address, and a password.

  • Then review and accept the terms and conditions before clicking 'Sign up'.

Sign up

2. Find items you're interested in

On the home page, enter a word into search box and see what comes up. When you see items you'd like to add to your story, click:

  • 'Add to a story', 

  • then 'Create new story', 

  • then give your story a name.

Add to story

3. Edit your story

  • Click on 'My stories' under the drop-down menu on the top right-hand of your screen.

  • On this page you'll see all of your stories.

  • Click on the story you'd like to edit.

My stories

4. Write some text

The "add text" bar allows you to add your headings, notes, or reference information.

You can create as many text blocks as you like.

Add text

5. Move items, add captions, and delete items

You can move items and text around on the page by clicking on them then dragging them where you want them to go.

You can find further editing options by clicking the three dot icon, then you can:

  • Make an item larger,

  • add a caption and notes under an item,

  • or delete an item.

Three dot icon

6. Change your story's privacy settings

You can choose who can see your story by clicking on the 'Manage/change access' link at the top of your story. Note that your story will be moderated by DigitalNZ and won't be able to be shared until it has been through the moderation process (usually within one working day).

Privacy setting

7. Upload your own images

You can also upload your own images to your stories. See the guidance here on how to do this.

8. Get some inspiration

Also check out the special series we ran a few years ago 'Creative people make creative stories'