Europeana joins DigitalNZ

More than 1000 records were added to DigitalNZ last week from collections across Europe, and this is all made possible by the incredible Europeana portal. We're pretty thrilled to have them as a new content partner, not to mention their listings of books, images, film and research about NZ from far off places.

Europeana provides a search service or 'access point' across thousands of digital collections. And like us, they go a step further to make the data about all these items available as an API (application programming interface). APIs are set up to help technically minded folk build you tools and services. We've pulled in metadata on "New Zealand" related items from Europeana's API so you can easily discover them from DigitalNZ too. Even better - their API is available as a public domain resource, meaning there are no copyright restrictions for developers to reuse it. 

You can find some wonderful records like the 'Growing old far from home' documentary on Dutch citizens emigrating to Australia and New Zealand in the 50s and 60s, a 'ka-ka parrot' from the collections of the Teylers Museum, or the history of Private John Bourke of the WW1 Maori Battalion. Enjoy our three quick picks below, or start here to browse through more items brought in by our European friends.  

"Moa a ruhatárban" (CC BY-NC-ND from the Hungarian Natural History Museum)


"Der Isthmus von Auckland (der Hauptstadt von Neu - Seeland) im Maassstabe 1:500000: [generalkarte]" (Public Domain, from Biblioteca Virtual del Patrimonio Bibliográfico)

N Zmap Biblioteca Virtual Del Patrimonio Bibliográfico

"Detalhe da flor de metrosideros excelsea do jardim botânico do museu nacional de história, lisboa - portugal" (CC BY NC ND from the National Museum of Natural History, University of Lisbon)

Mnhnl 0000101 Jb Img Web


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I'd love to know how this was done! Are you using the Europeana API to search for anything NZ related and automatically ingestingit? Could you provide some technical details?

--Conal Tuohy • 2012-12-04 00:00:00 UTC