Help to map DigitalNZ content – new tool!

Please help us to make content from Digital New Zealand partners more discoverable... Find an item. Check for a location. Put it on the map!

Suggest or view more details

Search Digital New Zealand and you’ll now see a “Suggest or view more details” link as well as the existing links through to the item.
Use this link to see locations already provided and to start adding locations for items that haven’t been placed on the map yet.

Watch how it works

Why are we doing this?

Rich and comprehensive metadata + content = discoverability. But not all of the 1.5 million content items available through DigitalNZ have extensive metadata.

Developers and content users are also seeking ‘place’ or location-based experiences, such as this google-map based application from Paul Hagon.

By putting items on the map in DigitalNZ, you create placenames and geo-coordinates behind the scenes, making the metadata richer and the content just that extra bit more findable.

Some ways to use the tool

  • Remember to map items that don’t have locations when you find them (if you know the location)
  • Make a custom search for your favourite topic, click on “Search” with the search box empty to bring up all the items for that search, and work your way through

Let us know other helpful tips or ideas based on your own experiences.

Not working as it should?

Drop us a line at or leave us a comment below – you can ask for help there too.

On behalf of our content providers who want to make their content easier to find, share and use - thanks!