In the spotlight: Tauranga City Libraries

This week's spotlight on awesome content contributors shines on Tauranga City Libraries.  

Tauranga City Libraries contribute digital content to DigitalNZ from their online digital 'knowledge basket' called Tauranga Memories.  The aim of the site is to capture the spirit of Tauranga through the community's contribution of personal stories, photographs, video and audio footage. 

A real highlight of Tauranga Memories is the content that documents and reflects on the grounding of the Rena oil tanker on the off the coast of Tauranga in October 2011. The collection includes a photo of oil on Mount Maunganui Beach, the diaries of a rescue worker trying to save injured wildlife, a poem from a 9 year-old student reflecting on the disaster and much, much more.


Little Blue Penguin, Oiled Wildlife Response team trip to Motuotau Island, Rena Oil spill, Tauranga. Photo by Paul Cuming. CC BY-NC 3.0.

Tauranga Memories is a treasure trove, and we're proud to make it available through DigitalNZ.  Hooray!