Launch of Housing Research for New Zealand portal

We’re pleased to have been part of building the new Housing Research for New Zealand online housing research register, now live at

Digital New Zealand is always excited when other organisations see a use for the solutions we’ve developed to help make New Zealand digital content easier to find, share and use.

Housing Research for New Zealand is a joint venture between a number of Government agencies and other organisations who aim to make all housing research produced in New Zealand available through a single search website.

It’s a big goal, but a worthy one - and a great fit with our aim to increase the amount of New Zealand digital content available online. A large number of public sector agencies in particular both generate and use housing research.

Our part is twofold: we work with Housing Research for New Zealand members to bring their content into the website; and provide the API plug-in that the portal runs on behind the scenes.

The result is a really nice example of inter-agency collaboration and re-use of existing government information (metadata about research publications), not to mention a ‘one stop shop’ for people to freely access topical housing research.

Here’s what you can expect when you go to the site:

Working with some key players in the housing sector has been a great experience for us - and we’re looking forward to collaborating with more organisations to grow the portal.

If you’re interested in making housing research available alongside over 1000 other research papers from New Zealand organisations, just drop as a line at