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Do you run a website where people come to find stuff (information, resources, images, research...) relating to New Zealand? Please consider linking to us!

We help users to find New Zealand digital content. But we also need New Zealand websites to help users find our search tools.

Some options to consider:

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Connect your users to 1.3 million+ unique New Zealand content items from all kinds of organisations and online sources at

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You can also link to specific searches by copying and pasting a search string such as: 

Embed a DigitalNZ search widget

Add a topical or general search widget to your website or blog.

Use a simple tool to customise widget to find just content you choose 

Check out this blog to see an example widget.

Integrate DigitalNZ search results into your site

Add value to your search by calling related DigitalNZ results (all, or selected) when users search your site, using our open API.

Support documentation for site developers

Examples of other organisations who have done this

If you need to find out more, just drop us a line at or leave a comment below.

Thank you for helping us to make New Zealand digital content easier to find, share and use!