Make It Digital has launched!

We're all quite excited because our new site, Make It Digital, launched today.

The site is focused on creating and sharing New Zealand digital content, which we're tackling in two ways:

1. The Guides and Ask a Question sections are designed to help people who are trying to create new digital content, or digitise their stuff. A lot of you will have questions on how to go about digitisation and this is the place where you can ask. We hope that some of you will be able to share your expertise by answering others' questions, and helping us to write and update the guides.

2. The Voting section - It's a public forum for people to share their ideas for new NZ digital content, with voting and commenting functions. There's some great ideas in there already that you can vote on, for example, School Journal, New Zealand music artwork and Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives.

Please jump in and have a play, ask some questions, vote or nominate something for voting.

Within 24 hours, we would love to see Make It Digital reach 100 content items nominated for voting. There will be spot prizes for interesting and useful contributions during launch day!