Manawatu Memory Online

Manawatu Memory Online contains more than 4,500 digitized records from the Palmerston North City Library and the Ian Matheson City Archives collections. Over 2,000 records have no known copyright restrictions and are available for reuse. This collection is constantly growing as resources are digitized and made available online. Thanks to the hard work from the team behind the Manawatu Memory Online, there is a wide range of material for us to access, from historical photographs to maps, manuscripts and other documents.

Searching and discovering these amazing historical records reminds us of how important it is to ensure New Zealand memories can easily be found, shared and used by the world.

A great example is discovering the changes of the well loved and historical All Saints Church over the last 100 years or so.


First Anglican Church, Church Street west

Preparation for moving the All Saints Church, Church Street

All Saints Anglican Church, Church Street

All Saints Church, Church Street

Click here to view the full collection of the All Saints Church historical photographs.

Browse through the memories of Manawatu, and you will soon understand why the region is named after the phrase “my heart stands still”. Beautiful and hard working people with breathtaking landscapes are presented with their humble yet amazing lives. DigitalNZ gives you the ability to create your own memory of Manawatu through sets, and here are our DigitalNZ team selections: