Reel Choice iPhone app

Posted on 24 October 2012 by Thomasin

Reel Choice Logo

Today NZ On Screen and NZ Film Commission launched their latest offering for Kiwi film, TV and music videos buffs. The new Reel Choice iPhone app brings you fresh content from NZ On Screen - the online showcase of Aotearoa screen culture. It was built by Boost New Media and is proudly powered by the DigitalNZ API

The app is a sampler for over 2000 titles, including our own office favourite Goodnight Kiwi

Reel Choice

The Goodnight Kiwi ending a day's broadcast, NZ On Screen.

As well as feature content, the app includes trailers and behind the scenes numbers from NZ films supported by the Film Commission. If you are looking for a few minutes to kill, it's perfect for dipping into; or if you have an hour to spend, you can easily become fully immersed in the bumper harvest of video content.

Reel Choice Boy

Screenshot of Boy, NZ On Screen.

How it works

We harvest metadata about NZ On Screen's content into DigitalNZ, throw it in with the collections metadata of more than 120 other content partners, and make it all available through our API. The DigitalNZ API powers our search service where you can easily explore across everyone's records. There are over 2,300 results from NZ On Screen through the API and DigitalNZ website.

The API does more than just power our own website. Others can use it to make useful applications for the web or mobile, which is just what the folks at NZ On Screen have done. They make the content available online, we harvest their metadata and present it back to the world in a useful way, then NZ On Screen is sourcing back their own information to build you a cool iPhone app. For more information about how people create and build with the DigitalNZ API, visit the developers section

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