So you want to start a digital content project?

Digital technology can give easy access to many types of content that would otherwise be difficult to make available by other methods. The best technology however cannot overcome poor decision-making and implementation, which means you should carefully consider and plan for all the stages of a digital project before you spend your first dollar in bringing it to life.

If you are thinking of kickstarting the new year with a new digitisation or content creation project, here are seven tips to put you on the right path:

Tip 1: Have a clear purpose for selecting content

Tip 2: Choose appropriate formats for creating content

Tip 3: Set aside resources to describe your content

Tip 4: Work out in advance how your content will be managed

Tip 5: Structure your content for easy discovery

Tip 6: Inform potential users of what they can do with your content

Tip 7: Implement a backup and long term storage plan

You can read about these tips in full by visiting our Make it Digital Guide to Getting Started