The new 'gallery view' and searchable sets

Searching on DigitalNZ just got a whole lot better. Now when we show you image results they are tiled down the page in a continuously loading stream.

Tiling items together helps eyes focus on the visual aspect of the records, rather than just the title or descriptive information. We hope that the useful and beautiful items you're looking for jump out easily now. It's a visually exquisite way of exploring the collections from our 120+ content partners. 

You can still scroll through your results as a traditional list, or open and use the DigitalNZ filters for types, formats, dates and reuse rights too.

Go check out an image gallery by visiting these results for "forest".

That's not the only change we're excited about. You can now also see each other's publicly listed sets! This means you can search for sets-only results (how about sets on "art"?) or view all of them here

This is a living feature, and as always, we're interested in your feedback on the things we've developed. 


A gallery view of trees of DigitalNZ