These are the people in your neighbourhood

Posted on 24 February 2017 by Thomasin

DigitalNZ is expanding all the time, constantly adding wonderful content partners and their collections to our search. Our content partners are the lifeblood of our work, without the varied and stimulating New Zealand content we share we wouldn’t be the aggregator we are. And, in order to stay relevant, and to keep up with the new digital collections being developed constantly, we’re always on the look-out for new content partners. 

So, do you know the people in our neighbourhood? 

Our 200th content partner (we made it to 200!) was the illustrious The SpinOff, and we were delighted to announce this at NDF in 2016. With its pithy appraisals of politics, expansive coverage of Auckland issues and of course TV, its addition to DigitalNZ brings current affairs and pop culture to your door.

Spinnoff Blog Image

Image: The Spinoff as it appears in DigitalNZ, covering all things, including dogs.

The Wallace Arts Trust, one of the most impressive art collections in the country, also joined us in 2016. With more than 7,500 artworks available to be searched for across DigitalNZ such as these beauties:

The Wallace Arts Trust Collection is a DigitalNZ content partner

Image: The Wallace Arts Trust 's digital collection makes it accessible anywhere.

Hutt City Council’s extensive collection of archived records from hand-drawn home alteration plans, to town planning documents, and detailed meeting notes spans much of the 20th century and captures life in the Hutt.

NatureWatch NZ is an incredible resource, documenting New Zealand flora and fauna via nature photographers around the country. Individuals upload their images from their own adventures, help identify creatures in the wild, and can create groups to work on projects to build a living record of life in New Zealand. 

Naturewatch NZ captures NZ nature through community participation

Image: Naturewatch NZ captures the details of the world around us. 

We want to capture New Zealand life both as it is today and its past, to form the simplest and most comprehensive way to search for reliable content about New Zealand. If you think there’s a potential content partner we should know about, please send us a message at

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