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BOAT ACCIDENT AT GISBORNE. (Taranaki Herald, 19 September 1892)

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boat accident at gisborne two boys drowned fpkb pnbrtsabbociatiosis gisdorjte september 19 a boat accident occurred on saturday evening by which two sons of mr john warren the county clerk lost their livos it appears that during the afternoon four young warrens the eldest being 1-i accompanied by jas hal 11 and wm coombes 12 went out in the bay in a boat and on returning got broadside on ti the break on tho bar the la were not strong enough to pull off against tho tide and tho boat capsized into tho breakers and b wain pod tho boys were half an hour in the water before assistance reached them coombos and ralph warren wero first rescued and then hall who was in an exhausted state walter warren was picked up clinging to the boat cecil aged 6 and allerta 10 wero drowned

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