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Fred Dagg's gumboots

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

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In 1973, New Zealand born comedian John Clarke created an outfit for his satirical television character Fred Dagg, shown on New Zealand television from 1973 to 1976. Fred wore a crumpled hat, black singlet, ripped shorts, and gumboots - a look that is still instantly recognisable to New Zealanders. Outfit Clarke assembled the outfit from various sources. The gumboots are a found mismatched pair. The shorts are standard issue trousers from the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation ripped off at the knees. Sheep shearing garb inspired the black singlet (Dagg had a woollen singlet for winter and two cotton singlets for summer). Clarke's sister gave him the hat as a gift. Once Clarke established the outfit he found he couldn't change it even if he wanted to - the outfit was Fred Dagg. Character Fred Dagg was both a celebration and mockery of the archetypal 'Kiwi bloke'. He appeared simple, but had a smart satirical and surreal view of the world. He related directly to the audience with s...

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