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"We're having a whip round for Susan Wood. TVNZ are trying to cut her salary by one hundred thousand dollars..." "Let me empty this bedpan and I'll get right on to it..." 4 November, 2005.

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The scene takes place in a hospital ward where we see a large nurse attending to a patient who is on a bedpan. Into the ward rushes a pretty young nurse who breathlessly tells the sad tale of TVNZ news presenter, Susan Wood's threatened loss of $100,000 of salary. The nurse with the bedpan asks the young nurse to wait for her to finish her task and then she will presumably get her purse and contribute to the whip round. Susan Wood in fact won her court case and did not have her salary reduced. There was a lot of indignation at the insensitivity of such huge salaries being in contention when most people manage on one tenth of what Susan Wood is earning. There is a comment here also on the generosity and altruism of many people, especially nurses, as here. Quantity: 1 digital cartoon(s).

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