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[Gilfillan, John Alexander] 1793-1863 :Honi Heke [about 1846]

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Gilfillan, John Alexander, 1793-1863, Merrett, Joseph Jenner, 1815-1854

Head and shoulders profile portrait of Ngapuhi chief Hone Heke, wearing a close-fitting peaked cap, like a schoolboy's cap. His moko is clearly shown and he is wearing a chequered cloak, with fringed collar. This is either by J A Gilfillan, Gilfillan copying J. J. Merrett, or by Merrett himself. A lithograph of this portrait attributed to a Gilfillan sketch was reproduced in: Transactions of the N.Z. Institute, v. 38, p120 and pl.16). Gilfillan is not thought to have ever met Heke, whereas Merrett met him in 1846 and secretly sketched him in profile through a window Other Titles - Hone Heke Joseph Jenner Merrett Compare A-079-022 Sketch of the chief Honi Heki Pokai, pencil with some facial colouring, with a monogram that may read A. F. W., showing the same attitude and clothing but more of the cloak; also E-320-f-006 Bridge/Williams Sketchbook 'Sketh [sic] of the chief Honi Heki Pokai' in what appears to be Cyprian Bridge's handwriting. It shows Hone Heke in the same profile and with the same clothes, but with more of the cloak showing, to about waist level. Bridge and Williams would have met Hone Heke, but were both also known for copying the work of other artists. Another possible artist is Joseph Jenner Merrett, who made a number of very similar portraits of Hone Heke, including a watercolour in the Hocken Library, purchased 1963, with title Heke (photo in photo files), ref. no. A M568h. In addition there is a very similar portrait (by Merrett) in the British Library (copy in Turnbull at E-143-075) and in the Mitchell Library, signed A. F. W. Compare also E M Hocken's copy of this "copied from officer's sketchbook" (in the Hocken Library) reproduced in T L Buick, the Treaty of Waitangi, 1933 p. 160. Quantity: 1 drawing(s). Physical Description: Pencil 114 x 101 mm




1 drawing(s), Works of art, Pencil works, Portraits, Pencil 114 x 101 mm